Hoylake RNLI hovercraft was requested to launch by the UK Coastguard at 6:55pm when two adults and a child found themselves cut off by the incoming tide in Leasowe Bay.

Hoylake’s Inshore Rescue Hovercraft Hurley Spirit and her volunteer crew launched and headed to the group’s reported location. RNLI New Brighton Lifeboat had also been tasked and had located the casualties near Leasowe Lighthosue.

The group were cut off from the sea wall by the rapidly-filling gutter and had no safe route ashore. Three New Brighton crew members were landed on the sandbank to check the casualties were okay.

The hovercraft also soon arrived to find the casualties accompanied by a New Brighton crew member. Although they were worried about their situation, the casualties required no medical assistance and were brought on board the hovercraft.

Before the casualties could be landed ashore, the hovercraft and lifeboat were tasked to reports of swimmers in difficulty off the Derby Pool in New Brighton. The hovercraft picked up the two other New Brighton crew members and quickly transferred them back aboard their boat, which headed to the Derby Pool area.

The casualties on board Hoylake RNLI hovercraft were then safely landed ashore near Leasowe Lighthouse, before the hovercraft joined the search for the swimmers. The lifeboat and hovercraft searched the water off the Derby Pool, with the Wirral and Flint Coastguard Rescue Team searching from the shore. It was soon confirmed by the Coastguard that nobody else was in difficulty.

Due to the number of people out along the north Wirral coast, Hoylake Hovercraft then carried out a sweep along the water’s edge heading back towards Hilbre Point in Hoylake. The RNLI hovercraft crew spoke to a group of people at Dovepoint in Meols and other beachgoers and swimmers about the incoming tide, but they required no immediate assistance. The hovercraft was then stood down by the Coastguard Operations Centre at Holyhead and returned to the lifeboat station to be made ready for service again.